Exit Survey
MMS T-Book Pre Survey
You are about to launch into an investigation of magnetism and learn about the MMS Mission. We'd like to know what you already know. This will let us see how much you learned. Don't worry if you don't know the answers to the questions. Just do the best you can. Then when you do the post survey you'll know everything!
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1. Which of these resources would give the most current, complete and accurate information on planets?
a) Planet website by Round Rock Middle School
b) The NASA website
c) A set of general encyclopedias
d) A science book about the planets
2. Solar storms release energy that is deflected around the earth by the
a) Magnetosphere
b) Ionosphere
c) Stratosphere
d) Troposphere
3. Magnets are attracted to:
a) Any metal
b) Any object
c) Metals with iron
d) Plastic
4. Designing under a set of constraints is called:
a) The scientific method
b) Applied mathematics
c) Practice
d) Engineering
5. Which of the following can act over a distance?
a) Electric fields
b) Magnetic fields
c) Both
d) Neither
6. The Earth’s magnetosphere:
a) Provides a protective layer that can absorb harmful ('light') rays such as UV rays, x-rays, and gamma rays
b) Provides us with protection from the particles that make up the solar wind.
c) Is visible to the human eye from space
d) Is not affected by the solar wind.
7. The best explanation of “magnetic reconnection” is:
a) Where two magnetic fields interact
b) The main way the Sun gets energy to the Earth
c) How the Earth’s magnetosphere is formed
d) It is a by-product of gravity
8. We need to know about magnetic reconnection because:
a) It will entertain space travelers
b) It can be harnessed to meet our energy needs
c) It is unique to Earth’s relationship to the Sun
d) We need to be able to predict space weather events to protect technological systems
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